Rest and Relax Hour


When I was Indianapolis earlier this month I stayed at the Westin downtown. On weekday they have this thing called the Westin Relax hour. From 5-7pm (i know, it’s two hours) they offer complimentary “fruit-infused water”, wine and massages!
Naturally, Chris and I jumped on the free stuff! It was very relaxing, and i’ve got a great picture on my phone of me getting a massage from Yolanda!

I have this playlist on iTunes that i call “Chill”. It’s mostly piano music. I like to listen when i’m studying, reading or working in my office. It’s relaxing and helps me focus. So the other day i was reading my Bible and listening to Chill in my office and it hit me how peaceful i felt. I decided to take it home and try it.
So last night while Katie was bathing Annie i burned the playlist to a CD, put it on in the den, and lit a candle. After Annie went to bed Katie and I just relaxed in the den. I read Exodus 15 – the song the Israelites sang as they exited Egypt and slavery. Then we just sat there. This was a great alternative to the usual plop down and turn on the TV approach because this really allowed us to just chill.

I recommend doing this often! Good for the mind and soul!


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