Book Review – God’s Smuggler


I’ve spent the past several weeks living a vicarious life of faith behind the Iron Curtain!

God’s Smuggler is the story of Brother Andrew, a Dutchman who returns home from behind enemy lines with a crippled leg; a leg that would eventually be miraculously healed as he took a ‘step’ of faith in obedience to God’s call on his life. He would never be the same.

Now Brother Andrew finds himself going behind enemy lines once again, only he is not carrying a semi-automatic weapon. He is crossing borders of Communist countries armed with trunk loads of Bibles and literature, hoping to encourage saints and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It seems that every time Brother Andrew needed help crossing the border or raising money for supplies, God provided. But not without suspense! And certainly not without much prayer!

I was particularly challenged by Brother Andrew’s philosophy of The Royal Way. This is way in which King Jesus always provided a way, whether it was razor blades, toothpaste or book supplies.

I encourage everyone to read this book. You will be inspired to live a life of adventurous faith! You will be challenged to trust God! You will find yourself asking God what He has in store for you!


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