Margin and The Finger!


I’ve been thinking a lot about margin lately – mostly because I am preaching about it on March 2.

Last night we created margin by bailing out of growth group. We stayed home. We needed it. I LOVED it. I came home and built a fire. We ate homemade Italian soup.

I put on some Chris Rice hymns and we hung out as a family in the den. Katie zoned out on the couch. I chilled in the recliner. Annie brought everything from her room into the den. It was as close to “Sabbath” as we have had in a while. I only wish Katie had not been so exhausted. She would have really enjoyed it.

So this morning I got the finger from an old man!

I was driving Annie over to the Jazzercise class where Katie works and we were running late. NO MARGIN. I had not left enough time for us to get everything together and get out the door.

So I pulled out of our neighborhood rather quickly in front of an oncoming car. It was an old, white sedan – probably Buick or Oldsmobile.

It wasn’t really a close call at all. But the guy had to slow down. Normally you don’t look at people when you pull out in front of them because you know you screwed up and you don’t want to face them….but I decided to look right at the guy. As he passed, he indignantly looked over and threw up a white, boney middle finger!

I laughed out loud! I’m still chuckling about it! What did that guy think the bird was going to do to me? Make me feel bad?

I felt sorry for him, actually. To be so bitter, so early on in the day (9:30am) and on a Friday, no less.

But it goes back to lack of MARGIN. I pulled out in front of him because I didn’t have the margin to wait. He was ticked because he didn’t have time to slow down.

And the world turns.


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