Never Say This


I’ve recently been pointed to Perry Noble and Tony Morgan, both on staff at Newspring Church in South Carolina. Perry has a good post on things he never wants to hear his staff say. Here’s a few nuggets. Read the whole post here.

#2 – “That Can’t Be Done.”

Trust me, when a staff member continually says that something cannot be done they either have a lazy work ethic OR a very small view of who God is…neither are beneficial for your team.

#4 – “Recognize Me!”

Beware of the staff member who is always telling you how much work they did, how many hours they put in and how tired they are.

#5 – “My ministry needs BLANK to…and if we don’t get it then…”

A good staff member does have passion and vision for their particular area of ministry; however, they have an even greater passion for the church as a whole and will gladly lay aside their plans if it means that it is best for the church.


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