Indoctrination vs Education


Read an interesting quote in an article by Bob Deffinbaugh. It made me think about how I communicate to my students, my family, my church…

The difference between education and indoctrination is the difference between a process and a product. Indoctrination gives you the product—what you should think—but it does not convey the process—how to think. Given this distinction, most sermons would have to be called indoctrination, not education. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with indoctrination, other than the fact that without education, those who are taught will always be dependent upon the teacher, who must tell them what to think. (emphasis mine)

I want to teach my students how to process truth and come to conclusions on their own. That is the essence of education. Teaching how to think; not just what to think.

I want my students to understand that when it comes to faith, it must be their faith; not mine, not their parents.


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