What I’m Reading


I go through cycles in my reading. I really do aspire to be a reader, but I sometimes battle burn-out or lack of inspiring material. Here’s what I’m currently reading:

Romans (New Testament) – This book is chunky, but I am really enjoying the reminder about mercy, grace, justification and God’s sovereignty, just to name a few.

The Dream Giver, by Bruce Wilkinson – This book was given to me by a friend. It begins with a parable about a man named Ordinary who sets off on a journey to leave his hometown of Familiar in search of his Big Dream. I might have said this was a bit hokey, but I have enjoyed the story so far. There is a lot of truth in the story. For example, Ordinary faces several challenges trying to leave the Comfort Zone of Familiar. The most surprising challenge comes in the form of Bullies who try to keep him from leaving. Some of those Bullies are his closest friends who don’t want him to leave.

Warrior Poets of the 21st Century, by Robin Mark – This is a book about worship. It’s not a how-to book. It’s about how “absolutely important worship is and how, perhaps, it is the highest calling and occupation of the believer.” (from the back of the book) Barely into chapter 2 of this one.

The Significance of Silence, by Arnold T. Olson – What can I say about this one?! The only thing significant about it is that by completing this book I am one step closer to completing the requirements for licensure in the Evangelical Free Church of America. This is required reading, and it reads just like it.


One thought on “What I’m Reading

  1. Chris

    How dare you speak with Dr. Olson with such disdain. He’s a hero of the faith. A patriot. A gentlemen. And an excellent two-stepper.

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