Check me out, strapped to a headboard in a neck brace for over an hour.

All part of the fun when a car pulled out in front of me on Kingston Pike Wednesday afternoon. I barely had time to slam on my brakes. The airbags deployed. My Honda – the same car I’ve been driving since 1997 – is most likely totaled. I rolled out of the car onto the ground until the paramedics arrived. I was having really bad chest pain, i guess from the seat belt and airbag. Funny, my first thought was to get out of the car in case it blew up or caught on fire. Been watching too many movies I guess.

So i’m at home on painkillers and muscle relaxers now. I’ve got a nice seat belt stripe across my chest. I’ll post pictures of the Honda as soon as we make it out to the tow lot.

Laying in the hospital I was struck by how blessed I was to not be severely injured and by how many people heard about the wreck and came to the hospital to check on me. Praise God!


One thought on “Crash

  1. courtsmith

    Jon Teague!!! How unbelievable scarey, but PRAISE GOD you are ok!!!! I can not believe the honda is gone. It has been like skin to you, what will you do without it? I cant imagine you driving anything else.
    I’m sooooo glad you are ok!
    court (gunnels)

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