Rule Follower


I’m a rule follower. I don’t want to admit it, but I am. I finally broke down and accepted it today when I realized that I always make sure I put the correct ear buds in my ears when I listen to my iPod!

Does it really make a difference which ear they go in?

Does anyone else do this?


2 thoughts on “Rule Follower

  1. lynnjake

    Hi Jon
    I didn’t know they had different ears. I just put them in either one. Once on an airplane I saw a couple with earbuds that were molded to their own ears. Like maybe they filled their ears with some kind of gooey plastic gel and it set up in the exact shape of their ears. They were very brightly colored, I suppose so they could tell whose was whose. Actually, I kind of wanted a pair! Now I will go look at my earbuds to see if they are designed for a specific ear. If they are, I will be totally obsessed by getting them in the right ears, because I’m a rule follower, as well!

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