New York, New York


Been a while! Since the last post…

I visited NYC for the first time and:

  • saw Times Square, Rockefeller Plaza, Central Park, Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty…
  • saw the best MLB game I’ve ever seen! Yankee Stadium (last year for this park!)…Yankees win on a walk-off homer in the ninth! Amazing!
  • ate a raw oyster – I don’t get this. No taste, weird texture. Why do people love these things?
  • visited Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island. I’m a big Billy Joel fan, so everywhere I looked there were lyrics from his songs playing in my head!

Also, I got a new phone…the Palm Treo 700wx. LOVE IT! Finally…i have my email, calendar and contacts with me wherever I go! It’s not the iPhone, but until there are different service providers, I’m Palming it.

Lost most of the pictures of NYC that I took on my phone. I tried to document everything I saw.

Oh yeah…started my new job: Pastor of Worship and Programs. Life is light speed right now, it seems.


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