It’s Saturday!


How many Saturdays have I let slip by due to a lack of intentionality?! Every Saturday gone by is one less Saturday I have to spend with my family, especially during these fun years with Annie.

So, I got up early and made pancakes and bacon!

Then, I took Annie fishing! Here she is, dressed and ready to go….fishing. She’s definitely a girly girl and we had to have a conversation about which shoes she was going to wear. I know…

We went and picked up some minnows! This was Annie’s first experience with little fishies. We didn’t catch anything, but we did get to see a guy catch a big turtle, which Annie thought was pretty cool. I gave Annie one of my rods to use and I taught her how to reel in the line. But I looked down and she was reeling it backwards and making a HUGE knot (should have taken a pic)! But she was having fun!


One thought on “It’s Saturday!

  1. Susan Corkern

    Hey Jon, you need to bring Annie over to our house for some fishing! We have a pond stocked full of fish and it is literally fishing in a barrel you will catch a fish almost everytime and no license required. AND the bathroom is usually clean. Our girls don’t fish anymore (TEENAGERS), and I miss those days of seeing a little girl excited about catching a fish.


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