Building Bridges to the Community


Robert Lewis’ book, The Church of Irrestible Influence, addresses the local church’s responsibility to build bridges to the community. Churches should not be little islands for church people to live on. Instead, we as the church must do a better job going into our communities and serving there.

And to quote Matt Chandler from The Village Church in Texas, “[we go into our communities to serve] not so others might be saved, but because we are [saved]!”

Because we know the saving power of Jesus, we go into our neighborhoods and schools and businesses to partner and build.

What does our community need? And what am I/we doing about it?

“Pastors don’t need to become experts in sociology and anthropology; what they need to do is develop the skills of walking into a community setting…and analyzing that setting to figure out what is going on there. Contextual analysis includes demographics, understanding the power structures of a community, understanding the economic base, and understanding what gives the particular ethos of that community.” – Michael Regele


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