Tomorrow is Sunday.

While cutting the grass yesterday I was challenged by one of Perry Noble’s podcasts. He asked his church a question along the lines of this:

When was the last time you came to church expecting God to do something?

July 4th I woke up anticipating the celebration of Katie’s birthday, a parade, a cookout with friends and a fireworks show! Do I wake up with that kind of anticipation on Sunday?

Do I believe God can do something miraculous in someone’s life, even my life? Yes. I believe He can.

Do I believe He will ?

This goes beyond worship service at church. What about everyday life? Do I wake up in the morning anticipating God to show up in my day?

Some people in the Bible named Gideon, Anna the prophetess and Joseph of Arimathea were described as “looking for” God to show up.

God, show up tomorrow! In the fullness of your glory and power and grace…show up!


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