Swamp Diving


What goes around comes around, I guess. After yesterday’s post…today my dip in the pond is no comparison! This must have been where all the sewage from Oak Ridge drains in. There was some type of blackish-green mud that smelled like sewage…i’m sure it was toxic. However, I was not going to let another $20 bill (disc golf disc) decompose in that swamp! And turns out I ended up with four new discs as well!

Yeah, that’s me in my boxers on the disc golf course!


2 thoughts on “Swamp Diving

  1. katieteague

    What a hottie! I did not know until now that you got down to your boxers at the course… I just thought you drove home in them! I love you!

  2. Bill Moyer

    I am offended. You have a bias against Oak Ridge! I am sure that the toxic sludge is from west Knoxville. We keep our bad stuff in tanks. I will be glad to bring you one. Then you can glow in the dark too.


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