High Drama of Decision-Making


Leadership Summit – Session 1 Bill Hybels

Every leader must make decisions. And often the stakes are high.

As a leader you cannot be decision-averse or passive. You must make the call and you must take responsibility.

Leaders need to chronicle the process and results of their decision-making.

Hybels shared some of his leadership proverbs, or axioms:

Vision Leaks
Get the right people around the table.
Facts are your friends.
When something feels funky…ENGAGE! (problems don’t go away if left unattended)
Leaders call fouls. (and sometimes on himself)
Take a flyer! (take a calculated risk from time to time)
– every church needs a flyer now and then. pony up! God, rock our church, our people, our world!
This is church. (when a guy’s son got arrested and hybels left the office to have coffee with him)


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