Just Courage: Charging the Darkness


Leadership Summit Session 2 – Gary Haugen, President & CEO International Justice Mission

This guy makes me want to go out and feed a hungry child or defend defenseless women in slavery or prostitution. It makes me want to be about something BIG!

Leadership that matters to God is leadership in endeavors/activities that matter to God.

Injustice in the Bible is sin.

27 million people across the world live in slavery.

2 million children are in forced prostitution (stat provided by UNICEF)

God’s plan for tackling injustice – the church, the “light of the world”

As leaders, God has given to us the work of justice in the world!!!
“if justice is not my thing…maybe God is not my thing.”

Leading when the task seems Hopeless:
by recentering the basis of our hope
despair comes from focusing our eyes on what WE can do.
hope is recovered when we remember who God is
God is passionate about getting it done, and God is responsible for getting it done.
Jesus feeding the 5000. disciples were in paralysis of despair. Jesus says Give it to me!
****Jesus didn’t ask for what was needed; He asked for what they had.

Leading when the task seems Scary:
Jesus didn’t come to make us safe; He came to make us brave.
we lead by reminding the people of this.
safe bets are mediocre.

We must lead from our prayer life. Mother Teresa said she couldn’t imagine doing her work without stopping to pray every 30 minutes!

You only need that kind of prayer of you need God to get it done; if you’re doing something that’s not safe or easy.

go beyond what you can control and what your strength and experience can take you and you will meet Jesus and experience Him there


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