It: How Leaders Get IT and Keep IT – Leadership Summit, Craig Groeshel, Senior Pastor, LifeChurch.TV

You have probably been to a church or some place that made an impact or impression on you and you left saying, “that place has IT, they get IT.

Q: What is IT?

A: Don’t know! But you can sense when IT is there, or IT is not there.

God makes IT happen.
IT is from Him, by Him, for HIs glory
We can’t create, reproduce, manufacture IT.
IT can’t be taught, but IT can be caught.
IT’s not a system or a model.

Acts 2:42-4 The early church had IT.

Qualities of Organizations that have IT:

1. Laser Focus – What can you be the very best at?
to reach people no one is reaching, you’re gonna have to do things that no one is doing.
planned abandonment – we don’t need 200 outreaches. we need a few that we go after.
What’s working? What’s producing mature disciples?
worship, groups, kids, students and missions
Q: What needs to stop?

2. See Opportunities where others see Obstacles
understand that we have everything we need to do everything God is calling us to do
find a way – we have to see something we’ve never seen before
Q: What is God trying to show me through my greatest limitation?

3. Willing to Fail
failure is the first step to seeing God
Peter failed until he got IT
lifechurch failed in their first video venue
shake it off and step up (mule getting dirt thrown on his back)
Q: What has God called us to do that I’m afraid to attempt? When am I going to do it?

4. Led by People who have IT
(ministry can start being more about building the church than building the kingdom)
you lose IT when you do this – when you are thinking about what they will like, what will make them laugh, etc.
Q: If I don’t have IT, what will I do to get IT? (and fall in love again with Jesus)


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