Finally finished LOST


Katie and I began watching LOST on back in March! We started at the very beginning and were hooked immediately! Much more fun to watch back to back with little to no commercials!

So today – August 30 – we finished the last season! Now what?! I guess we wait.

When they said the name, Jeremy Bentham, I recognized it! So I googled and found a wiki article that confirmed my suspicion. Bentham is a real person. He’s dead, but he still goes to the board meetings at University College London! Interesting story.

Funny thing…my pastor actually preached a sermon that included Jeremy Bentham (the real one) in an illustration.

Is this one of those weird circumstantial things like what happened to the Oceanic 6? (cue weird sound with LOST spinning on screen)


2 thoughts on “Finally finished LOST

  1. Angela Rines

    I love love love LOST! I have decided while waiting for the new season to watch all the old episodes online! This weekend I watched 8. haha!

    Hope things are going well Katie and the new baby coming!

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