Progress Report


The doctor just came by. Katie is almost 4cm and 90%. He didn’t want to break Katie’s water now in fear that she might move quickly and miss her epidural. They have started the pitocin and will be getting her ready for the epidural shortly. Doc said he would come in to break her water at noon if it hasn’t already happened.

As for me, I’ve now read all the articles on UT’s loss last night, drank a whole mug of coffee and need a sweatshirt as it is freezing in this room right now! I can’t regulate the thermostat because when you take the cover off it looks like a circuit-board that controls the whole hospital. I need Jack Bauer.

I’m thinking about venturing down to the cafeteria for some mystery gravy. I think I remember it being extra “mystery” when we were here for Annie!


5 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. olivia

    wow! 4 cm and 90%…you are going to go fast! we are thinking about you all this morning and throughout the day…you are in our prayers! can’t wait to hear the exciting news…love you all.

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