First Night


Hope did really well through her first night in the world! We put her in the nursery so mommy (and daddy) could rest. She had a 5hr stretch of sleep at one point, which was great for all of us!

The nurses say the second night is the fussy night. After hearing that, we remember Annie having a rough second round, but we’ll Hope she’s different!

This morning we had the first dirty diaper!

If anyone is looking for a guest-bed option in your home, let me make a recommendation. It’s the HideWay XJ 1000 series. The best part is the slight inclined position from your lower back to your head. Sleeps greet in 3hr increments and comes in this great washed denim color with real wood armrests.


5 thoughts on “First Night

  1. Jen

    Congratulations guys!! I was thinking it was about time for the baby to come so I went to Katie’s blog which led me here. I’m glad it seems everyone is doing well! Hope looks very cute! =) I have been praying for the house/move/baby lately and I’m glad to see it seems the sale went through! Katie, I’ll try to catch up with you when you are up to it. Love you guys!!

    Jen Connell

  2. courtsmith

    I can’t stop laughing! I always felt sorry for Trevis when I would look over at him cramped up in the fetal position trying to get comfortable. We go through 9 months of being uncomfortable, so this is yalls way of feeling our pain. hehe.

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