Hope to Go Home Soon!


We are going through all the hoops trying to leave the hospital. All that is left is for Hope to see the pediatrician. While being in a hospital is not like being at home in your own bed, last night would have been rough without the nursery! Hope has an awesome “ticked off” face which I will try to capture on camera soon!


2 thoughts on “Hope to Go Home Soon!

  1. Congrats on Hope! Can’t wait to see photos…

    On another note:
    Holy Cow, Jon! You are an AMAZING speaker…just listened to both of your sermons online…Home Improvement! AMAZING…seriously….you totally spoke directly to me when speaking on MARGIN. Congrats to you for such an amazing testimony you are to the people of your church. God is using knew, just like I knew he always would. Thank you for your words that I heard today…seriously…thank you!


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