Fall Break in Pigeon Forge


We just got back from a fun, two-night vacation with the Jessens in the Pigeon Forge area! We have great friends and family who hooked us up with a cabin and free tickets to Dollywood! This was my first time at a theme park as a dad and I loved it! It was awesome to experience all the sights and smells and rides through the eyes of a 3yr-old. I got to ride a couple of rides with Annie for her very first time. We rode the trolley, ate funnel cake and foot-long corndogs! Hope pretty much chilled in her stroller all day.

One of the highlights for me was riding the roller coasters – all three of them. I have always loved roller coasters, but for some reason my experience this time was extra fun. It was like the thrill of the ride and the wind in my face did me so much good. It was a much-needed stress reliever.

We capped off the vacation with a huge pancake breakfast at Flapjacks in Pigeon Forge, recommended by a local in a hotel lobby. We were not disappointed! Here are some pics from the trip.

Great view from our cabin! I didn't know if the van was going to make it up the steep driveway!

Great view from our cabin! I didn't know if the van was going to make it up the steep driveway!

Here is Annie on the Bee ride. There’s a “before” and “during” shot! She wasn’t a big fan of the bees going up in the air! It was one of those classic moments where your kid is crying and saying “I want to get off!” and everyone is watching and feeling bad.

In this last picture (above) Annie got to pick out anything she wanted from the Candy Kitchen at Dollywood. So she picked an icecream cone filled with caramel and rice krispy treats, topped with icing and sprinkles! The best part was watching her try to eat it (which Chris is enjoying here). Later that night I found out we forgot her toothbrush! Awesome.


One thought on “Fall Break in Pigeon Forge

  1. Harriet

    Don’t ya just love it?!! All her baby teeth will fall out in another few years and no one will know she didn’t brush her teeth!!!

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