Gratitude and Adoption


Last Sunday I taught on Phil 4:2-9, with an emphasis on vv6-7 regarding anxiety and prayer. Monday morning I was assessing the challenging week ahead of me, so I decided to put what I learned from this passage into practice….I started praying.

I began by remembering who God is. I worshipped Him. Then I confessed my anxious thoughts to Him and acknowledged that I would not be able to handle them on my own.

Next I began giving thanks, and the first thing God placed on my heart was this: thank you for adopting me as your son!

That thought propelled me into God’s Word. I looked up every use of the word adoption. The concept of adoption is so powerful. For no reason other than God’s love and God’s divine willl, He made me His son, and since I am an adopted son, I am an heir to the Kingdom of God. Otherwise lost, I was scooped up, chosen and redeemed.

Then I was reminded of all my friends who are adopting children right now. What beautiful examples of God you are! I prayed right then and there for a spirit of adoption – a revival, if you will – to come over my church and my community. I am praying for the adoptions and  adopted children of:

The Wheelers

The Cornetts

The Carrolls

The Holmes

The Parsons

The Skeiriks

…and others that I may be leaving out here. God bless you! May the peace of God be on your home and your family!

Oh yeah…by the time I had finished reading and praying about adoption…my anxious thoughts weren’t so big after all!


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