History Could Repeat


On this historical weekend, I want to share part of an email I received from Mike, a good friend with the ability to do large math problems in his head…

On October 31, 1992, South Carolina defeated UT 24-23 sealing Johnny Majors’ fate. I think he was fired on Mondayish which would have been November 2nd. On November 3, 1992, Bill Clinton was elected because of hope. His electoral spread was 370-168 over George Bush the 41st. This is a spread of 202 (I know that you are extremely math challenged Chris, so I added this for your benefit. You are very welcome). So, 16 years and 1 day later it looks like Phil Fulmer will be fired after a miserable loss to South Carolina and Obama will win the Presidency by a large margin promising us all hope.

Interesting thoughts. Regarding Fulmer, this would be poetic justice for all those sports talk callers who are still ticked about what they did to Johnny Majors.

Question: Which “program” (UT football or our nation) will benefit more if history does repeat itself?

Another Question: Assuming both programs experience change, which one will actually look and feel different?

I’m taking the Vols on both.


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