Why Failure Happens


I read an interesting blog by Tony Morgan called “10 Reasons Why You’re Probably Going To Fail”.  Here’s a slice:

10 Reasons Why You’re Probably Going to Fail

1. It’s not your passion. If it doesn’t make your heart beat fast or cause your mind to race when you’re trying to sleep, you’re probably doing the wrong thing.

3. You’re waiting for it to be perfect….

6. You’ve had success in the past. I’ve watched organizations hang on to a good idea for too long….

10. You’re afraid of failure. When fear consumes you…

Read the whole thing.

What do you think? Ever failed because due to one of these? I have to admit that I strongly relate to #3 – You’re waiting for it to be perfect. Probably because I also hate/am afraid of failure…so I want it to be perfect before I try it out.

I think it’s important to work in an environment that has a healthy understanding of failure. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I think the environment should be such that you don’t work in fear, which can cause paralysis in productivity, creation and innovation.


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