Jesus Storybook Bible


I need to tell everyone about the Jesus Storybook Bible, by Sally Lloyd-Jones. We were introduced to this book at the Behold the Lamb concert with Andrew Peterson. He read an excerpt from the introduction which speaks of the Bible as more than a book of rules or a book of heroes…it’s more like a story about the great Hero who would come to rescue His people.

I searched all over town for a copy of this book before I found it. I bought it so I could read a section of it at our Christmas Eve services. Then I took it home, wrapped it and gave it to Annie for Christmas. This is perhaps the greatest gift we’ve ever given her…

I love reading to her from this book. She loves the pictures and the way the Bible stories are re-told in ways that are easy for her to understand. And every story ends with a foreshadowing of the Great Rescuer who is coming to rescue God’s people once and for all.

It brings tears to my eyes as I’m reading it to Annie. It’s nice to read these stories in view of the bigger story that is playing out, the story of my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Go get it and read it to your kids! You’ll love it…and they will too.


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