Take Your Books With You


So I just spent the last 10 minutes looking at the Kindle 2 from Amazon. I’m torn because I’m sort of a purist and therefore unsure how I feel about not turning real paper pages or holding a book in my hand or dog-earing a page or highlighting or underlining…..

At the same time, I am usually reading about 5 books at the same time and the thought of not having to carry them all with me is pretty cool.

You need to go to Amazon and watch the video on all the things the Kindle 2 can do. I’m interested, but not sure I’m ready to fork out $359 for one.

What about you?


2 thoughts on “Take Your Books With You

  1. Hi Jon! I know your lovely wife and followed her link to your blog. We actually have a first generation Kindle, let me rephrase that, my hubby has one. He really loves it but I have to say that he is not a highlight or underline kind of guy.

    Apple probably won’t come out with anything like it because Steve Jobs has said in the past when asked about it that “people don’t read books anymore”. That is odd! I know a lot of people who read! 😉

    I am still a little hesitant about the Kindle as there is just something about smelling the book and flipping the pages but I also don’t really have room to store the library that I want to keep! 😉

    All that being said it is still a really incredible device!
    Hope that helps give you a little more info!

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