5 Small Things – at Home


My friend John Carroll posted on the importance of small things in business. Small stuff consistently adds up to BIG stuff. This made me think about my life outside of work. There are so many small things that bless my life.

Here are 5 small things about life at the Teague house:

1. “Holla at ya boy!” – that’s what you hear every time you open the drawer on the end table in the family room! There’s a little happy meal toy in the back of the drawer – it’s Marty the zebra from the movie, Madagascar, voice of Chris Rock. It’s just funny that opening/closing that drawer triggers that toy…and we don’t do anything about it!

2. Annie Art taped to the door that goes from the kitchen to the garage! Our fridge isn’t magnetic on the front – which is absolutely ridiculous to me – so we adapted. There’s always fun pictures taped to the door. Annie loves to draw, color and make crafts.

3. Checking on the girls every night! It’s a “small” thing, but one of my favorite things to do before bed! My girls are so precious when they are asleep…and I never know what position Annie will be in when I go in there (see Katie’s blog)!

4. Pee Stain at the top of the steps. It screams at me every time I go up the stairs, and while stains on our new carpet don’t necessarily “bless” my life, they remind me that we have two fun dogs we love very much! I’m reminded of something my pastor said: “If you’re not shoveling manure, you don’t have any cows in the barn.”

5. Clean Sheets – My freshman year at UT I went an entire semester only changing the sheets once! I’ve come a long way since then, but only because my beautiful wife loves the feeling of clean sheets on our bed. I have to admit, clean sheets really do feel better! I’m so blessed to have a loving wife who takes care of our home and our family!


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