5 Small Things – Mi Esposa


Previously I posted 5 “small” things that bless my life around our house. I thought I would carry on that theme and talk about my beautiful bride! No way could my list be exhaustive…so here are 5 small things or ways in which my life is blessed by Katie:

1. Falling asleep while reading in bed! It’s cute. A few nights ago she dropped her book and startled herself! Katie just can’t stay awake long enough to read more than one or two pages. She works so hard throughout the day to keep our home and family above water!

2. Nightly Kitchen Set-up – Each night Katie gets the coffee ready, makes Annie’s juice cup and sets out her vitamins, and prepares anything else she might need for the following morning. She does this every night. She’s following in the footsteps of her dad. Not only is it cute, it blesses me to have the coffee ready when I wake up!

3. Teal Bath Robe – she has one and she wears it. it’s not pretty, but the fact that she continues to rock it is something to be proud of! It’s one of those “small” things I’ve grown to love!

4. She always greets me with a kiss  and asks me about my day when I get home. Again, “small”, but she truly cares.

5. Creative Lyrics – Katie has an amazing talent to make up words to songs when she doesn’t know the correct lyrics. The best part is that sometimes it’s more of an utterance that follows the same general sound as the lyric. I love it!


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