Back in The Mix!


sourcreamAs Frank Costanza would say…”I’m Back, Baby!”

Back on the blogging scene…for all 5 of you who read this!

But more importantly, this weekend I am heading back to my old position as Middle School Pastor at Two Rivers Church! The past year has been stretching, challenging, frustrating and rewarding…sometimes all at once. My role as Pastor of Worship and Programs has been as enigmatic as that job title! After a season of self discovery I am now certain that student ministry is where God is calling me. I feel fortunate to be in a situation that allows me to make this move without leaving my church and my home!

Five years ago I nervously walked into the Farragut High School mini-auditorium to meet about 20 kids and 6 or 7 parents who were waiting to meet their new middle school pastor. That day is a blur in my memory, but I do remember the excitement I felt as I shared my heart with them.

Two weeks ago I made the walk from the 2RC main building out to The Shed (student ministry bldg) to meet the volunteers leaders who have been carrying this ministry for a year with no pastor. It’s a walk I had made over 100 times in the 2 yrs since moving onto campus. As I walked, memories flooded my mind…I heard the music…I saw a busted watermelon rotting in the field…Stuart was duct-taping boxes to the steel beams for some crazy game…I locked eyes with a couple of leaders…and I knew I was home!


One thought on “Back in The Mix!

  1. chrisjessen

    Since lists are my new jam…
    1. Proud to be 1 of your 5 blog faithful followers.
    2. Honored to make the pic in your comeback entry, standing beside you making a fools of ourselves…all for the sake of the gospel. I think a really smart guy talked about that once.
    3. What does “enigmatic” mean? Eye donte undrshtand thowse big wurds.
    4. You are home, indeed.

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