Flip My New Video Camera


I’ve been messing around with my new Flip Mino HD camcorder. Super easy to use – just push the red button! Small/light enough to carry around in my pocket so I don’t miss any of those perfect youtube moments.

I was keeping Hope this morning while Katie and Annie were out shopping, and this is what we were doing. The video cuts off right as Hope looks like she’s gonna hurl…


One thought on “Flip My New Video Camera

  1. Wow. I was JUST researching these Flip camcorders this morning and wondered how the videos appeared when uploaded! I found your blog through Pam Mader’s…how cool! The Harpers (Sean and Andi) also just bought one of these cool gadgets just before their trip to Ethiopia to bring home baby Will. I think God is telling me to go get one of these! LOL
    Thanks, Jon!

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