Vacation by the Numbers

  • 1 – trip to the first aid station at the National Zoo! Hope fell out of her stroller – see picture here. Read about it here!
  • 2 – trips to Trader Joe’s
  • 4 – family members visited – Katie’s grandmother in Stuart’s Draft, VA; Katie’s aunt and uncle in Baltimore; my uncle in Burke, VA.
  • 6 – nights
  • 7 – days
  • 11 – hours was how long the 8.5hr trip took us on the way up to DC
  • 12 – runs scored in the Orioles 11-1 win over the Nationals. Fun to see lots of offense!
  • 65 – mph was the maximum speed limit the entire state of Virginia
  • 86 – dollars in gas
  • 102.5 – Annie’s temperature when we got home
  • 1100 – dollars for the new tires, brakes and rotors on the van before the trip…awesome.
  • 1312 – miles traveled
  • 0 – messages, emails or calls received by me!

One thought on “Vacation by the Numbers

  1. Poor little Hope! It breaks my heart every time Judah even gets a little bonk on the head, especially when he does that “silent cry”. Glad to hear she’s okay. Found your blog through the church website and I’ve really enjoyed reading it! Keep up the good work.

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