How Ants Feel


Photo 40I’m sitting in one of my favorite places to work/study out of the office, but when I came in there was a group of women gathered around all the tables, leaving me in the corner by the front window. The sun is blasting through the wall of glass and I feel like an ant frying under a magnifying glass that’s being held by some freckle-faced kid with glasses!

Now here’s the interesting part…this group of women who are occupying all the tables and most of the seating space in the coffee shop are doing a Bible study – I can hear them very clearly. I’m all about Bible study! I’m actually here to study the Bible! However, what about someone who comes in and doesn’t know who Jesus is or that God loves him/her? How would he/she respond?

Encouraged by what he/she overhears this group talking about?

Or frustrated because these Bible poeple are taking up all the seating in the shade?

I’m riding the fence, but at the very least it made me think…


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