Wii Recommendations


The Teague family decided to take advantage of the price cut and snag a Nintendo Wii this Christmas! Annie loves to bowl and play Mario Kart! Katie is a champion sword fighter! I’m trying to beat 24 on the 3-point challenge, and I enjoy inviting Chris Jessen over to whip him in table tennis.

We love Sports Resort and Mario Kart, but I’m looking to add a couple more games to the repertoire. The challenge is that I’m not much of a gamer and we are brand new to the Wii community.

So…anyone want to recommend some games?


3 thoughts on “Wii Recommendations

  1. The Hulette's

    Watch for the Wii Fit to go on sale—I think Annie would LOVE the hula hoop game. My abs hurt for days! We borrowed it from my brother–otherwise I’d loan it to you. We play RockBand on ours more than anything and don’t have many games. You’re welcome to borrow the ones we have to try them out if you want.

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