What Shirtless Bob Taught Me About Being a Man


So at the church office we have a neighbor who lives across the street. His name is Bob – I think. Bob is always outside doing something random, and he’s always yelling greetings to us (even though I can’t really understand him)!

Bob came over the other day while a couple of us were having a meeting. He didn’t have a shirt on, but he came on in and sat down with us. He was having trouble getting his new TV remote to work.

Chris (our lead pastor, my partner in crime) has been exchanging greetings with Bob across the street for a year now; he’s done a great job loving Bob. So Chris took the remote control and started working on it.

In the meantime, we started asking Bob questions about his story. Bob has lived on this street a long time. He used to attend a church just down the road from us. I think Bob was telling us a story about a man who used to live in the house that is now our office, and then he said something that totally struck me:

“You can tell a lot about a man who never mentions Jesus.”

The context of Bob’s story told me that this man probably claimed to be a Christian but never talked about Jesus. And this man may have hurt Bob at some point along the way.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what shirtless Bob said that day. Jesus is the reason I live in Chattanooga now. Jesus is the reason I have purpose. Jesus put up with a lot of junk in my life and didn’t give up on me.

But I’ve been struck by how seldom I mention Jesus in conversation with people outside of my safe church context. Why is that?

Chris fixed Bob’s TV remote. The batteries were just in backwards.

And Bob gave me a gift – an encouragement to be a man who mentions Jesus.

Much Love!


One thought on “What Shirtless Bob Taught Me About Being a Man

  1. David Hooie

    Great blog! Wow! Something to think about for sure! Jesus is the reason that I, at 48, have decided to go back to school to finish my degree in Bible/Theology! Keep writing Jon!

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