This Christmas, What ‘More’ Could You Ask For?


Four years ago , I was flipping through my journals looking for something that would spark a sermon idea. Our church was heading into the fray of the holiday season and I needed a little inspiration.

As I flipped through my journals, I paid special attention to November and December. That’s when I started to see an ominous trend:

For at least three of the past five years there was a gap in my journal entries during the first three weeks of December!

Nothing. No stories. No thoughts. No prayers. No Scripture. Not even the date on the page.

I sat back in disappointment – partly because I didn’t find a sermon, but mostly because I realized that…

I let the craziness of Christmas cut Christ completely out.

Have you ever felt that way?

Take a look at the word Christmas. If you cut Christ out, all you’re left with is mas.

My Spanish-speaking friends know that mas just means more.

Without Christ…Christmas just becomes more.

More work if you’re in retail…
More spending if you’re not careful…
More traveling…
More cooking…
More cleaning…
More stuff…
Christmas is in less than 6 weeks! How can we prepare for the holidays so we don’t look back and ask, “What happened?” but instead celebrate saying, “wow, look what happened!”
It starts by coming up with a plan, a strategy, a manifesto for getting mas Christ this Christmas!
On Tuesday, I’ll share a few ways my family has done this the past few years. Until then, take a minute to think about what you really want this Christmas season.

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