I Hope Turkey Flies Out of Your Mouth


thankfulThe feasting season is here. I love the idea of good food with good friends and family. But I have to admit something: I haven’t always taken full advantage of Thanksgiving.

I imagine there are tons of blogs and pinterest boards that will help us create the ultimate table setting and cook the most creative dishes.

But I will just share with you my three goals for this Thanksgiving:

1. Eat slowly – I don’t want to rush through the meal that takes so much planning and all day to prepare. I don’t want to hurry past the conversation that might happen during one of the few times my family gathers. Instead of shoveling it in, racing to dessert, and then catching the game on TV, I’m going to try to slow down and savor.

2. Listen attentively – This year I’m going to focus more on listening than talking, which means I’ll need to ask more questions, too. I want to be attentive to what’s going on in the lives of my family and friends.

3. Laugh loudly – I really hope someone at the table laughs so hard that turkey and dressing fly out of their mouth! And I hope that person is me! Laughing is awesome. I don’t care if that’s too simple to say. Who doesn’t like to laugh?

So tell some stories while you’re eating slowly. And when the laughter gets going, make sure your mouth is full!


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